Brace Yourselves, CosParty is Coming

Something new is coming to Toronto. CosParty Toronto is taking the classic fun of pub trivia nights and throwing in a little something extra. Cosplay!

I’ve been known to partake in the fine art

The Amsterdam Bicycle Club on the Esplanade played host to the Queens of Westeros this past Sunday as fans of the HBO television series gathered together to prove that their knowledge of the show reigned supreme. Three rounds of increasingly difficult questions had the crowd scratching their heads. Contestants did have a lifeline, to ask Jon Snow, but as fans of the show may have already known, he wasn’t much help when it came to general knowledge.

According to the CosParty website, it all started when a group of like minded friends got inspired over some creme brulee and decided to start mixing their love of all things nerdy with performance. Their goal was to create unforgettable experiences for the people of The Six who shared their interests. After the event at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club, it’s safe to say they’re succeeding. It just goes to show that creme brulee may be better for you then we’ve always been told.

Move aside kale

If you missed it this time, have no fear! CosParty has partnered with the Bicycle Club to keep bringing Toronto these costumed quiz nights on a regular basis. The next event is on May 6.

So whether you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings or whatever the case may be, keep your eyes peeled for your chance to prove your trivia game.

Ben Puccini

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